Write amplification sand force investors

Part 4 is here: As momentum builds in the developing deflationary spiral, we are seeing increasingly desperate measures to keep the global credit Ponzi scheme from its inevitable conclusion. Credit bubbles are dynamic — they must grow continually or implode — hence they require ever more money to be lent into existence.

Write amplification sand force investors


Image 6aa Compare Image 6a and 7 with this one. If you look at the transistor write amplification sand force investors, you'll see that in the upper drawing, the transistor terminals are not being used, whereas in the update, I took the positive and negative bus bars wires instead from the heat sink plates, directly off the transistor collector terminals.

Hence drawing the energy from the plates alongside the collector p-type semi conductor, which is sandwiched between two n-type semy conductors of the bipolar transistors, which causes some electrons to jump from the emitter side through the base region into the collector side, causing an increase in base voltage and emitter to collector electron flow, which at the same time is causing positive current flow from collector to emitter, which could be the cause of less positive current heading for the charging side, better scalar energy flow and higher RPM.

Meaning acid everywhere and possible injury, so better be save than sorry. First I removed all the wires from my 8-coiler, left two coils and removed the others. Another reason for piggy backing a second coil to one plate is having looked at the "Big Boy". Looking at the book, multiplying the single SSG transistor did not make any sense to me at first, until I mounted all four on the plate and studied the setup.

That some transistors have a negative resistance region, has come across clearly, but how to comprehend it, is another thing. Never the less, perhaps picking the energy up through the switching transistors into the bus bar, instead direct off the plate, like I have been doing it, might speed up the whole operation.

Realizing that two or more bipolar transistors hooked up in parallel might have an amplification effect like a differential amplifier, which would not really surprise me knowing that John Bedini is a specialist in transistor amplification.

write amplification sand force investors

Thus I hooked up the four transistors and everything according my feelings the Lord's helpwith the same ohm setting for max. VAC output off the coils from before with one transistor setup only, since I never managed the wheel to reach the sweet spot and gave the 12" 8-mag wheel a good spin by hand.

When I flicked the switch, the wheel took right off like I gave it a kick and so did the needle of the charging voltmeter. At first the motor drew 4.

Besides my pounding heart of joy, I was getting quite worried, whether my feeble wheel would stand this high RPM with those big magnets, the mags didn't have much gluing surface and my copper strapping was not very tight either I ran it for about an hour, taking some readings at 4.

Image 8a You can see that I am not to far off by this next image 8a, which is the basic small proper schematic for this machine Icehouse which John Bedini just gave out Oct. It also testifies of the forgiveness of little mistakes or changes without sacrificing too much output or efficiency of this machines, see my report at Image 3 SSG above.

Once you work it you get better while you stay at it! The big crash Some hours later; no sooner the wheel was up to full speed it stopped with a big crash Just because I was too tired to pay attention.

If I would have looked it over first, I probably could have prevented a bent shaft and the two wrecked coils Here are the pictures: Image 9 The coils look worse as they are, I rebuilt them already, for the wheel?

I will park it permanently. Image 10 See comment on replication page 2 Image 11a Be careful with this one, you are dealing with kilo volts at the generator and bridge!

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Sitting back pondering about this set-up, it wouldn't surprise me, if John Bedini's big ten-coil-monopole has a similar coil arrangement as above, recalling JB's comment to Marcus of February 2 -regarding his ten coiler: We all know that John Bedini can't talk about KV.

How about four drivers and six radiant energy generator coils in series for pure cold RE kilo volts?? It also testifies of the forgiveness of little mistakes or changes without sacrificing too much output or efficiency of this machines.

You will realize in the update below to skip the twist and wind either single or 4-filar wires for the generator coils. Multiply the main-bus cross sections by the number of coil buses. When I checked the heat sink with the acustic circuit tester for sound the following occured: I left the two batts charge over night from Although the circuit had been running by itself, but once I hooked the LED back up and pressed the start button I had no rotation not even the LED lid up, nothing, all nail dead zilch zero!!

This happened to me once before when shortening out the system by reversing the battery terminals by mistake while experimenting carelessly. Not until I exchanged all transistors could I get it running again. Although this new case is entirely different I did unsolder all transistors to check them all for proper Ohm reading again.In comparison, SandForce claims its algorithms deliver a write amplification factor of x – writing just MB of that 3MB file to the SSD, and with no loss of data.

However, the controller will report that 3MB has been written so that the OS doesn’t get confused. Ever loved a book or story, and been unable to find another quite like it? Maybe we at Magic Dragon Multimedia can help to steer you in the right direction.


Random Write Performance. Examples include email, file compression, and Web browsing. Random write performance looks similar to random reads.

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write amplification sand force investors

Jan 05,  · Re: An idiots understanding of SSD limitations/trim/GC – guru's please opine PeterUK Jan 5, AM (in response to DuckieHo) Even if . Most folks who have little experience in electronics aren't able to read schematics let alone soldering components onto a circuit board to get a working gadget.

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