Write about extinct animals and birds

Dodo The dodo was a flightless bird that uniquely inhabited the island of Mauritius found in the Indian Ocean. The dodo was said to be related to pigeons and doves and was described as being around 3. InDutch sailors came across these flightless birds on the island and immediately saw its potential for meat, as they were starving by the time they reached land. Nevertheless bythe hungry Dutch sailors had contributed a big portion in its disappearance, barely leaving a single sign of the dodos existence.

Write about extinct animals and birds

Scientists believed they might be related to modern lemurs. Megaladapis edwarsi grew to 1. Its arms were longer than its legs, and they were made for climbing trees. It was too large to leap, and likely spent most of its life on the ground. Megaladapis edwarsi could have traveled on all fours much like an orangutan.

Humans arrived in Madagascar about 2, years ago. Since then, 17 known species of lemur have gone extinct. Megaladapis edwarsi is among the most notable because of its size.

Being so large made it slow and easy to hunt.

5 Recently Extinct Animal Species

Radiocarbon dating shows these koala lemurs went extinct following European settlement on Madagascar; the last one died about years ago. FunkMonk Wonambi naracoortensis lived during the Pliocene epoch in Australia.

The most advanced snakes can disarticulate their jaws, while lizards have zero jaw flexibility. This means the wonambi was, in evolutionary terms, at a phase between the lizard and the modern snake. The wonambi skull resembles fossils of the Cretaceous period more closely than the skull of any modern snake.

This non-venomous wonambi grew more than 4. It had recurved teeth without fangs, and constricted its prey. Similarities to other extinct snakes in South America and Africa suggest a common ancestor from the days of Pangaea.

Something tells me none of them were ever house pet material. Hundreds of thousands—possibly millions—thrived in North Atlantic ocean waters for centuries. Great auks became highly valued in the s.


Valuable feathers, pelts, meat, oil, and centimeter 5 in eggs tempted hunters and collectors. Great auks became endangered, and their rarity only heightened demand.

A mother was incubating her egg with her mate nearby. Two of the men strangled the live birds, and the third crushed the egg with his boot.

The destructive trio had been hired by a merchant to hunt the birds. The great auks they asphyxiated were the last mating pair ever seen.These 10 Birds Are as Dead as the Dodo.

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This page refers only to birds that have gone extinct List of extinct animals; Origin of birds; Footnotes References. BirdLife International (BLI) (): Globally Threatened Forums . 10 Tragic Stories of Extinct Animals. BY Paul Anthony Jones. May 18, Drawing depicting the Great Auk, from the book 'Birds of America' by John James Audubon.

As the birds became scarcer.

write about extinct animals and birds

10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals. Posted on August 25, August 16, by admin. Cateogory: Weird Science. 5,, views. Remains found in Floridan middens suggest that at least occasionally, birds ventured that far south in winter as recently as in the 14th century. An endangered species is a species which has been categorized as very likely to become extinct.

Endangered (EN), as categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, is the second most severe conservation status for wild populations in the IUCN's schema after Critically Endangered (CR). Educative, informative and interesting facts about extinct animals.

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