Write a postcard worksheet template

Thinking About Your Emotional Strengths — This worksheet is designed to help people think about their emotional strengths and how they can bring these strengths to their current problems. Players pitch a penny on the worksheet and then talk about the feeling where the penny lands. The game can be played in a small group or even by an individual.

Write a postcard worksheet template

Thick paper to print postcards i. Have a class discussion on summer vacation. Students can share what they did, or the places they visited. Discuss postcards by showing examples. Ask if anyone has sent postcards, received them or has seen them at gift shops or stores.

Students can give their ideas about the purpose of a postcard and what is written on one.

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Postcards are short letters. People usually send postcards when they are away on vacation or a business trip. The messages are short and simple, not too personal because the mailman can read the message as well.

Usually the people discribe the place where they are and what they are doing. Teacher may also give a short insight about the history of a postcard. Charlton of Philadelphia patented the postcard inselling the rights to H. The first country to actually use the postcard was Turkey, in The Post Office was the only establishment allowed to print them.

Writing on the postcards was only allowed on the front side of these cards. The back was dedicated to the address. Shortly after, the United States government allowed printers to publish a 1-cent postcard.

Next, explain to students that they will design their own postcards and send it to a child who could not travel or leave their house due to a life threatening illness or injury.

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Each student will choose a place they visited or a favorite activity they did, even if it was in their hometown or state, to use for their postcard. Have students make a rough draft of their postcard to help them plan the picture and the message they will write.

When rough draft is complete, hand out blank postcards Worksheet 1 and have students create them. Choose a child to receive the postcard. There are two options to do this. Option 1, the Send Kids the World website can be visited by the whole class and students will choose a child. Option 2, the teacher can choose the child or children and give the addresses to the students.

When postcards are completed, the students will address them. A mini lesson on addressing a postcard may be helpful. Have students address the postcards and send them.

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write a postcard worksheet template

I am looking for a postcard style with just lines to write on but not the address side. Not sure if you can edit this and have it as a word document so I can model a sentence for the lower ability group. Thanks4/4(60). Post Card Template Post Card Template. Use a printable that contains a template students can use to make their own post cards.

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Here is a postcard template. Use it to write to pen pals, have characters from books write to you, the possibilities are endless. The front side has space for a picture and a caption.

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