The brain washed citizens of nazi germany are not to blame for the rise of adolf hitler

The term "Nazi" derives from the name given in German to a party member Nationalsozialist German pronunciation:

The brain washed citizens of nazi germany are not to blame for the rise of adolf hitler

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The effects of the depression took a great toll on the German people - Hitler blamed the Jews for such problems and promised the Germans to return their nation to its previous glory.

Some bought into this - considering the problems were great - and saw as Hitler improved their lives. So, yes, some of them, agreed with Hitler and were anti-Semitic. They were neighbors with the Jews, and quite friendly with them.

It was small things at first - turn in your radios, your bicycles, follow curfew.

The brain washed citizens of nazi germany are not to blame for the rise of adolf hitler

Then it got worse - wear the Star of David on your coats at all times. And then the bloodshed begin. Kristallnacht took place in - and things deteriorated after that. While some Germans took the risk of hiding Jews, helping them escape, and doing other things to undermine the Nazis, some were scared for their own lives.

As selfish as it is, and as much as we may condemn them today, you have to understand their position. Seeing such things happen and wanting to save yourself and your family was human nature. These people are very different from those described in 2 - while some truly felt remorse for their Jewish brothers and sisters, these bystanders were self-serving people who could care less about what happened to the Jews.

You definitely should look it up. But many believed in his doctrines or were forced to believe in order to protect their families. You have to know that not all Germans were cruel and brutal Nazis.

The brain washed citizens of nazi germany are not to blame for the rise of adolf hitler

Some really wanted to help and either did resist or their efforts were hampered by obligations. But then again, keep in mind, there were people who knew the Nazis were doing bad stuff and chose to turn their eyes and completely ignore the injustice.

Therefore, Germany was not just one group of people - but a nation with many different perspectives. Hope that helps, good luck!In , when Adolf Hitler assumed power of the German government, usage of the designation "Nazi" diminished in Germany, although Austrian anti-Nazis continued to use the term derogatorily.

The use of " Nazi Germany " and "Nazi regime" was popularised by anti-Nazis and German exiles abroad. On August 19th, Hitler held a public vote of the German citizens to decide if he should become the Führer.

90% out of the 95% of citizens that voted in the election agreed to Hitler's new law, so Hitler became the Führer (leader) of Germany, and democracy finally fell. The Brain-Washed Citizens of Nazi Germany Are Not to Blame for the Rise of Adolf Hitler ( words, 2 pages) Nazi Germany EssayThe citizens of Nazi Germany lived .

German citizens were educated in the propaganda of Nazi stereotypes and prejudice, which led to extreme hatred towards Jews and dissenters. The Nazis viewed their victims as sub-human and the killing process similar to killing rats. Sep 22,  · The Story of Nazi propaganda begins in , when Adolf Hitler was made the chief of propaganda of the German Working party, whitch later he wuld transform into the Nazi party.

Hitler showed an attitude for self promotion. Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich, refers to Germany from to when it was governed by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NASDAP) or Nazi party.

During the time when Germany was governed under the Weimar Republic, women had become more modern.

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