P2p file sharing and its influence essay

There is one group of people not shocked by the record industry's policy of suing randomly chosen file sharers:

P2p file sharing and its influence essay

I would also like to thank Prof. Ralf Steinmetz for providing the possibility to work at this thesis. Special thanks to Alexander Fuchs for his encouragement and constant support during my studies and working at this thesis.

List of Figures 1. KOM Overlay Structure 6. Analytical and Simulation Results. Analytical and Simulation Results 6. Analytical and Simulation Results List of Tables 2. First the insights in the related research area are gained in order to provide some background for this work.

An overview over contributions of this thesis in the research area is given next. Finally some essential terms like model and modeling process and existing model classifications are presented.

Therefore improving the performance of P2P systems has become a desirable goal and a hot research topic. In order to evaluate the results of P2P research various approaches like simulations, testing or mathematical models can be deployed.

Due to the large amount of peers participating in P2P systems, simulation as the most scalable evaluation approach is often used. However simulations require a high time overhead while not all details can be considered.

Testing enables highly detailed evaluations, but is expensive and not scalable. Thus mathematical models present a less expensive alternative for detailed evaluations of P2P systems.

Furthermore mathematical models can be applied in order to analyze the P2P system performance and system parameters affecting it. Numerous mathematical models considering diverse performance aspects of P2P systems like content downloading times, the resource search delay and overhead, load balancing, content availabilityand many others alreadyexist.

Most models arefocused just on few specific characteristics of P2P systems and do not consider other significant aspects. Thus a model typically covers just one of the P2P functional layers like network, application, overlay, user, key-based routing or service layers. Therefore creating a more extensive model taking more characteristics of P2P systems and more functional layers into account would facilitate the evaluation and analysis of P2P systems considerably and can be regarded as a desirable goal.

The first step towards the construction of such an extensive model is creating an overview over already existing mathematical models for P2P systems, assessing their contribution and listing their benefits, drawbacks and incompletenesses.

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According to our knowledge such an essay giving an overview over existing mathematical P2P models does not exist yet.

Thereafter a new model for the overlay, the network layers and the user behavior based on already existing models and covering the most essential P2P system characteristics is introduced. Furthermore the model is extended to the P2P application layer, and the functional layer architecture for P2P systems is presented.

KOM [38] is developed and verified by comparing the model statements with the simulation results. Evaluation of described models, observing their advantages, drawbacks and extension possibilities. Creating a new mathematical model focused on these characteristics and therefore being valuable for analyzing the most significant aspects of P2P systems.


Thereby the users and providers of P2P applications, their objectives, their behavior and collaboration and participating peers from the technical point of view are considered. Six system layers user, application, 1. KOM [38], [46] and comparing mathematical with simulation results.

In the next section definitions for models and a model building process are introduced. Con- stitutive components and the model classification are presented in order to clarify the notion of the mathematical model being the focus of this thesis.

Observed characteristics and executed cal- culations are listed for each described model. In Chapter 3 the new mathematical model focused on the most essential P2P system characteristics is introduced. Thereby P2P overlays, participat- ing peers, resource and service characteristics are observed.

In Chapter 4 the model extension to the P2P application layer is proposed. In Chapter 5 the P2P six-layer architecture is presented and components and functionalities of each layer are explained individually. Efficiency of overlay operations and dependency of the hierarchical tree structure on the choice of load parameters are investigated.

Finally Chapter 7 presents a summary of the thesis and the outlook for future work.Pirate of Silverland Essay; Pirate of Silverland Essay. Words Dec 7th, 15 Pages. American River Pirates and Their Influence on Pioneer Life Essay examples “When I think of pirates, I think of the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Aden.

Analysis of The Pirate Bay Case The Pirate Bay is a file sharing website based in Sweden that. (Photo from past conference courtesy of People to People, Inc.) Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff.

Published: October 20th, New York (TADIAS) — Since its founding in People to People Inc. (P2P), a U.S.-based network of Ethiopian Diaspora healthcare professionals, has been the prime example of how “the Diaspora can be the bridge to transfer knowledge, technology and experience.”.

In P2P networks such as eDonkey and KAD, a single file may have several names, most of which describe its content. However, filenames are prone to pollution and often exhibit keywords unrelated to the real content of the file, for instance a pedophile file may have a non-pedophile name [ 23, 24 ].

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P2p file sharing and its influence essay

Why pay if it’s free? Streaming, downloading, and digital music consumption in the “iTunes era” the extent to which file sharing has negatively impacted the recording; however, evidence consumers and social norms which influence intentions to purchase digital music or to download it for free.

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P2p file sharing and its influence essay

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