My favorite leader mahatma gandhi

I tend to believe that Mahatma Gandhi is the great leader. It is one of the best books which describe the whole life of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji autobiographies generally obtain self-praise from all people around the world.

My favorite leader mahatma gandhi

Because he is good and he fight for India without any weapon. Mahatma gandhi has four principles: Work with your own ability Because he not use punching and kicking not use weapon.

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And he also never revenge if England destroy the village etc. Methodology Whether in fact a person My favorite leader mahatma gandhi born a leader or develops skills and abilities to become a leader is open for debate.

There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders. These qualities can be developed or may be naturally part of their personality. Let us explore them further. A good leader has an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others.

A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. A good leader "walks the talk" and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for others.

True authority is born from respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads. A good leader is enthusiastic about their work or cause and also about their role as leader.

People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication. Leaders need to be able to be a source of inspiration, and be a motivator towards the required action or cause. Although the responsibilities and roles of a leader may be different, the leader needs to be seen to be part of the team working towards the goal.

This kind of leader will not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. A good leader is confident. In order to lead and set direction a leader needs to appear confident as a person and in the leadership role. Such a person inspires confidence in others and draws out the trust and best efforts of the team to complete the task well.

A leader who conveys confidence towards the proposed objective inspires the best effort from team members. A leader also needs to function in an orderly and purposeful manner in situations of uncertainty. People look to the leader during times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity and find reassurance and security when the leader portrays confidence and a positive demeanor.

Good leaders are tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose.

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Storms, emotions, and crises come and go and a good leader takes these as part of the journey and keeps a cool head. A good leader, as well as keeping the main goal in focus, is able to think analytically.

Not only does a good leader view a situation as a whole, but is able to break it down into sub parts for closer inspection. While keeping the goal in view, a good leader can break it down into manageable steps and make progress towards it. A good leader is committed to excellence.

Second best does not lead to success. The good leader not only maintains high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas.


Research and analysis Known as 'Mahatma' great soulGandhi was the leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule, and is widely considered the father of his country.

His doctrine of non-violent protest to achieve political and social progress has been hugely influential. After university, he went to London to train as a barrister. He returned to India in and in accepted a job at an Indian law firm in Durban, South Africa.

Gandhi was appalled by the treatment of Indian immigrants there, and joined the struggle to obtain basic rights for them. During his 20 years in South Africa he was sent to prison many times.

Influenced primarily by Hinduism, but also by elements of Jainism and Christianity as well as writers including Tolstoy and Thoreau, Gandhi developed the satyagraha 'devotion to truth'a new non-violent way to redress wrongs. Inthe South African government conceded to many of Gandhi's demands.Mahatma Gandhi is a world renowned leader who was a politician, a writer, an intellectual and a gifted orator.

I find it incredible that as a young boy, Gandhi did not display any leadership qualities. He was a below average student (lack-luster) and very shy. India has produced a number of great men like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekanand, Vinoba Bhave, etc.

Mahatma Gandhi was an illustrious son of India. Throughout his life, he fought for the independence of India. He. My favourite leader is Mahatma Gandhi. He is called the 'Father of the Nation'. He was born on 2nd October, at Coriander in Gujarat.

His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His father, Karamchand Gandhi, was the Diwan of Rajkot. His mother Putli Bai, was a . words short paragraph on My Favorite Leader.

Many great persons have influenced the world and changed the flow of time with their great thoughts and personality. My favorite great leader is Mahatma Gandhi. I worship him. He was a prince of truth and the emissary of peace.

My favorite leader mahatma gandhi

He had unflinching. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on My Favourite Leader Mahatma Gandhi. MAHATMA GANDHI AS MY IDEAL OF LIFE Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, in Porbandar, India.

He became one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of the 's. Gandhi is honored by his people as the father of the Indian Nation.