Mga eksperto sa wika at pakahulugan nila tungkol dito

Departamento ng Filipino, Kolehiyo ng Malalayang Sining, Pamantasang De La Salle-Maynila Nais kong buwagin ang matagal nang paniniwala na walang kakayahan ang ating wika—ang wikang Filipino—na magamit sa larangan ng pagteteorya.

Mga eksperto sa wika at pakahulugan nila tungkol dito

Independence and Democracy Were Never Twins by piece of meat ni kapurit na laman More than three centuries we fought for our independence against the colonial rule of Spain, then two scores to get it from the United States, and half a decade we shed blood to win it over the Japanese imperialism.

Discounting the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, we all did theses to win our most coveted prize, our Independence. But independence does not entail democracy.

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We all actually think that independence and democracy are twins, but they were not. Are we truly democratic? This question would demand an answer to the question "what is democracy? It is rather a government to off the people, to buy the people, and to poor the people.

We have actually suffered cultural murder from our conquistadores conquerorsbut still, we are longing for a real democratic society, free from external rule.

Mga eksperto sa wika at pakahulugan nila tungkol dito

Our constitution alone is based on the American Constitution; our government is almost American, except that it is not federal. Many of our cultural bias were not actually Asian. The world even questioned the authenticity of being a Filipino.

So how we could be truly a democratic nation? And this biscuit was branded Filipinos by Kraft Foods. It is sold in Spain and Portugal under Artiach's brand.

And inthe Philippine government taking this as an insult, because of the apparent color of the biscuit which is dark outside and white inside in reference to our racial identity, filed a diplomatic protest against the government of Spain, the European Commission, and the manufacturer, Nabisco Iberia.

In his resolution, then Rep. Alvarez instructed the Department of Foreign Affairs "to immediately conduct a thorough investigation into this matter, and determine the use and misuse of our racial identity to promote or sell a particular brand of cookies or any other product.

Many of our names were actually an apparent result of mix culture. Our last names alone, a vast majority is of Spanish origin: While a small population have american surnames.

Few you could hear surnames that sound local, and most were ethnic slurs, like Bantot fetid or stinkySupsup variation of the surname Supsupin, which means to suckSumugat get woundedand many others.

However, some of the Tagalog surnames were actually good, like Matapang braveDimaguiba indestructibleand Masipag industrious. But, how did we get all these names? Many Filipinos in that time have no surnames, and to avoid confusion, on November 11,he issued a decree sending a long list of surnames to the local officials.

Surnames given to locals were either in relation to the nature of their work or family business, like Mercado which means market, or in relation to their social status, like Guinto Goldhence, this family are rich people. In some cases, because of their criminal records, others were named Manggagahasa rapist.

Now, another influence is the system of our Education, though ours is 10 years of basic education compared to the 12 years of education in the United States.

Thomasites were one of the first influences of the Americans after they bought us from Spain. This is to instill the American culture to the Filipinos. Inthey were brought here through USS Thomas to teach the Filipinos the basics of English, including reading and writing. The free enterprise that we have, our economy, is very American, our economy is more dependent to the economy of the United States than the economy of neighboring Asian countries.

Most of our brands, products, and our daily living per se is American. Many of our apparels were actually from the US, and Nike dominates the market.

Billions of calls were coming from the United States. With all these, what we get is a cultural murder, and admitted I am, I am also a victim. Quoting a good friend, " We have just perfected our dependence to US all this time. We are actually no different now with the American-Spanish people.

Culture of Corruption Corruption in the Philippines is actually as ancient as Philippine politics. Allegedly, majority of our budget goes to corruption of public officials.

Many of the government projects were questionable. A vast majority of which was from the past administration. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo seated a lot of people close to her in highly influential positions in the government.Ang tunay na isyu dito ay mistranslation ng mga translators at ang isyu ni Apostol Pablo dito ay male prostitution at male temple prostitution na laganap sa kanilang panahon.

Walang nalalaman si Apostol Pablo tungkol sa mga makabagong pag-aaral tungkol sa homosexuality. Teoryang Interaktib Ayon sa teoryang ito, ang teksto ay kumakatawan sa wika at kaisipan ng awtor at sa pag-unawa nito, ang isang mambabasa ay gumagamtit ng kanyang kaalaman sa wika at mga sariling.

Kaugnay pa sa pakikilahok ng bansa sa pandaigdigang pamilihan na sa ngayon ay English ang dominanteng wika ng pandaigdigang ekonomiya at komersyo. hindi seryosong ipinatupad ng mga paaralan ang programang edukasyong bilinggwal.

noong Mayo. sa katunayan noon pa man ay nagkaroon na ng mga pagsasanay para dito sa pamumuno ng dating Surian sa 5/5(1). Tampok din sa eksibit ang mga larawan, maikling talambuhay, at isang tula tungkol sa wika ng mga nangungunang makata ng bansa sa wikang Filipino tulad nina Jose Corazon de Jesus, E.

San Juan, Jr., Cirilo F. Bautista, Benilda Santos, Rofel Brion, Rebecca T. Añonuevo, Roberto T. Añonuevo, Eugene Evasco, at marami pang iba. At sa loob ng 3 buwan-na katumbas ng campaign period na itinakda ng batas- ay gagawin nila ang mga “tasks” na iuutos sa kanila ng isang boses. O para mas masaya mga boses (tig-isang tinig para sa mga masa, sa edukado, isa sa mga negosyante at isa sa mga kapwa nila politiko).

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Ito ay pagpapatunay lamang sa aking pagdakila sa mga katutubong wika sa Filipinas. Hindi ako pro-Tagalog. Napakaraming bagay ang matutuhan natin sa mga panitikan at kultura mula sa iba-ibang katutubong wika natin sa Filipinas.

Kaya dapat natin silang makilala at mapag-aralan lahat.

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