Marriage and divorce in the sports

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Marriage and divorce in the sports

Obviously, the life of a professional athlete is a dream for many little boys and girls out there who think of spending the millions of dollars they will make, the type of expensive car they drive, how big their house will be, and of course what the man or woman of their dreams they settle down with will be like.

The typical athlete enters the professional ranks at years-old, and purchases the items listed above and then attempts to fulfill those initial material desires.

Who It Affects Has society finally reached the tipping point where divorce is more prevalent than successful marriage?

Unfortunately, it seems this has become the case with regard to professional athletes. Reports say a common estimate of the divorce rate for pro athletes ranges from percent Kreidler, Divorce among professional athletes is not limited to a single sport in particular, as those previously named represent basketball, cycling, boxing, golf, tennis, and baseball.

Additionally, these athletes serve as American icons and role models for the everyday citizen. Popularity leads to a fan following or a role model perspective and the sports business means many different things to different people. A reasonable estimate of the total U.

Universities, it seems, have taken a more liberal stance on hiring coaches with past marital issues. According to a recent New York Times article, athletic directors make little to no distinction between hiring coaches who are single, married, or divorced.

The article goes on to compare West Virginia hiring in of head football coach Dan Holgorsen to the comment of former University of Miami and Dallas Cowboy head football coach Jimmy Johnson.

It was good I was married then. Clearly, this picture of the stereotypical coach twenty years ago points out the changing trend in sports and the acceptance level of failed marriages. It is very difficult to perform at such a high level of competition when your mind is preoccupied.

And if performance suffers, it will most likely have a negative effect on future contract negotiations. One obvious illustration is that of recently divorced professional golfer Tiger Woods.

Prior to the sex scandal ofWoods was averaging one Professional Golfers Association win about every seven months. Following the scandal it took Tiger until May ofnearly three years to gain his next victory. The trend with professional athletes is reflective of what society as a whole is beginning to experience.

The daily pressures and factors in life can be less than ideal. The fallout from sports related divorces spans across the obvious to the subliminal. Not mentioning the effects that any divorce has on the children of the divorce.

Statistics indicate that children of divorced parents are four times more likely to report relational problems with peers and friends than children whose parents have kept their marriages intact Tysse, So who does divorce in sports affect?As we approach Valentine’s Day many are thinking about relationships, marriage and romance.

Although we all know the divorce rate is over 50% in the USA, I have observed that many divorces occur with couples who have been married well over 20 years and are each over 45 years of age. This one was a no-brainer, wasn't it?

Marriage and divorce in the sports

I mean, strippers, porn stars, weird voicemails, golf clubs busted over heads, sex addiction rehab, crashed cars—this nasty sports divorce had it all. Recall the divorce settlements of Michael Jordan & Juanita Jordan; Lance Armstrong & Kristen Richard; Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez; Gregg Norman and Andrea Andrassy; Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren; and Dwyane Wade and Siovaughn Funches, to name just a few.

Indeed, professional athletes keep divorce lawyers busy not only in the US but all over the world. Brian Morgan Liberty University CCOU Christian Counseling for Marriage & Family Abstract This paper will examine the question: Marriage and divorce in the sports industry – winning or losing?

More and more common are discussions of divorce and increased divorce rates in modern society. Franco Margarita wants his six-year-old son to play outdoor sports.

Marriage and divorce in the sports

His ex-wife, he says, would rather let their boy play on the Wii. While they were still married, Mr. Margarita urged his wife to.

If you went to a sports club and joined in the game, you would have to learn to follow the club rules. Marriage is a rule that has its origin found in the Bible concerning the Laws and Statutes of God. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Marriage and Divorce in the Sports Industry – Winning or Losing?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Their marriage is legendary in Hollywood and sporting history, although it lasted only days. Marilyn’s dedication to her work and her fans caused the couple to split after a nine-month marriage.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Marriage and Divorce in the Sports Industry – Winning or Losing?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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