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Home works

Housing Support Home Works East Sussex Home Works is a short-term housing support service in East Sussex committed to supporting vulnerable people find and keep safe and affordable accommodation.

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What the service provides We provide tailored short-term support for people facing a range of challenges, in a range of circumstances. Our team of Floating Support Officers work with people in their own homes or in Home works community, on Home works one-to-one basis.

At risk of losing accommodation. For example, people facing eviction, in rent or mortgage arrears, causing or experiencing anti-social behaviour, or subject to domestic abuse, harassment or hate crimes.

Living in temporary accommodation. We support people regardless of which agency is funding the temporary accommodation. Living in unsuitable accommodation. We support people to set up new tenancies and settle into a new home, with tasks such as setting up utilities, acquiring furniture and finding out about local amenities and community support.

To sustain accommodation and live independently. We provide short-term support to resolve housing-related issues such as utilities arrears, lack of suitable white goods and furniture.

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Eligibility We provide support for people agedliving in East Sussex who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and those who are experiencing problems related to sustaining their accommodation. Clients must also be willing to engage with the service.

If you work for one of these services, please make a referral by completing and emailing a referral form see the downloads section below to our Gateway team, stating clearly which service and team you work in. If you do not work for a service listed above, please read the following information about where to obtain information about housing and or support needs: If you or your clients have care and support needs or care for someone who does, Health and Social Care Connect HSCC offer both the public and professionals a single point of access for adult health and social care enquiries, assessments, services and referrals.

If you or your clients, including those with children, whether or not they have care and support needsare homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, they should make an appointment with their local Housing Options team who may be able to help them to stay in their current home or to find a new one.

Contact details of agencies that Home Works accepts referrals from:The TRaD (Telecommuting, Remote and Distributed) Works conference is a community event for the companies that are changing the way the world works.

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Home works

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