Haiers strategy for global success essay

Maytag Corporation, the 3rd largest home appliance manufacturer in the United States, has announced that it will consider competitive offers for the acquisition of the company. Chinese home appliance manufacturer, Qingdao Haier, Ltd. Action Haier will evaluate the current status of its business and the goal to become at least 3 in the U.

Haiers strategy for global success essay

Haiers strategy for global success essay ability and capacity of an organization to innovate is a precondition for the successful utilization of inventive resources and new technologies.

Thus, in this sense, the introduction of new technologies often presents complex opportunities and challenges for organizations, leading to changes in managerial practices and the emergence of new organizational forms.

Therefore, organizational and technological innovations are intertwined. In essence, the term organizational innovation refers to the creation or adoption of an idea or behavior new to the organization Lam, As such, the innovation can be a new product, a new service, a new technology, or a new administrative practice Hage,which provides the edge or competitive advantage of an organization in its respective market.

This is because many organizations and nations alike perceive the innovation of products, services, technologies, and administrative practices as assisting with the articulation of study of significant breakthroughs in science, the development of superior military equipments, the creation of interdisciplinary programs in higher education, the reform of welfare, and many others.

In other words, the study and the recognition of the importance of OI concerns some of the most basic problems in the society, and thus, can be deemed as important and relevant Hage, Because the concept of OI pertains to the adoption or creation of a new idea or behavior in an organization, the management of such a concept would also be relevant.

It has been reported that in the management literature, innovation serves to drive corporate success and is a strategic endeavor contributing to the differentiating capacity of an organization.

Innovation is said to be a high-risk activity, unpredictable, complex, dynamic, non-routine based, involves creativity, and is difficult to control Huizenga, With such characteristics, it can be perceived that an organization that would be devoting itself to innovation would be needing the magic hands of management in order to govern, control, and direct its success.

In this regard, the concept of Organizational Innovation of Management or OIM pertains to the management of the chances, the risks, and the changes in the organization, in relation to its dedication and commitment in implementing and adapting to innovation.

This also involves directing and committing to the development of the organization through determining the potential pitfalls and uncertain, high-cost and results. It pertains to the appropriate delegation of resources that might render value in the long run. More importantly, OIM is about enhancing and inspiring change in the organization, thus, involving and developing people to recognize, learn, and perform changes in terms of work, skills, and competencies in the organization Huizenga, From the definitions of the two concepts themselves, it can be understood and deduced that a significant relationship exists between them.

This is because in order for an organization to effectively and efficiently undergo its needed changes, it must then be able to come up with a new idea or behavior that would serve to be a relevant and appropriate answer to its needs.

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However, the utilization and implementation of the said changes or innovation strategies in the organization would not be as useful and significant without proper management, control, and direction.

This is because through effective management, the use and the implementation of innovations in the organization would be based on scientific research and data, which would be appropriate for responding to the needs of the organization, the demands of consumers, its environment, its workers or employees, and its industry.

The concept of OI is deemed to be closely integrated with the concept of OIM, given the different factors that interplay between them. It has been reported that there are two types of innovation that can be used by an organization, namely, autonomous and systemic innovation.

An autonomous innovation is one that can be introduced to the market or to the consumers without massive modification of related products and processes. An example of this kind of innovation is the introduction of power steering, which did not initially require any significant alternatives to the design of cars or engines Lam, This form of innovation is usually what is being done by most organizations, as through autonomous innovation, less research, fewer costs, and fewer alterations of products and processes are involved.

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In this regard, an organization would be able to effectively respond to the needs of its customers, with fewer expended money or budget, but with increased profits. Aside from increased profits, products in the market, which underwent autonomous innovation still pertain to the previous products targeting previous customers, who would be perceived to retain loyalty to the use of that particular product.

On the other hand, the second type of innovation is systemic innovation, which favors integrated enterprises because it requires complex coordination amongst various subsystems, and hence is usually accomplished under one roof.

An example of a systemic innovation is the complete redesigning of many automobiles in the s, producing front-wheel drive vehicles Lam, From this, it can be perceived that the primary relationship of OI and OIM is effectively determining the type of innovation an organization needs to undergo or implement.

Haiers strategy for global success essay

An organization must first determine the type of innovation they need before coming up with the next step or plan. In this sense, this involves determining the problems of the company or organization, which need to be addressed through innovations.

As such, an organization must not be able to adopt or create a new idea or behavior immediately without thinking and planning about it. Therefore, the relationship of the two concepts involve integrating together in order to determine the problems or issues in the organization that need to be addressed through innovations.Barriers of Organizational Innovation Management in China.

Chapter 2. Literature Review. Introduction of Organizational Innovation (OI) It has been emphasized that organizatio. Free essys, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book report, term papers, history, science, politics.

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Holidays definition of perennial is a product that has found continued success over its entire lifetime, not merely its debut. Perennial products are timeless.

They impact the world in a way that ensures their long-term survival. Contact me for any questions: [email protected] The drivers behind the Haiers international approach are discussed, together with the reasoning behind their success in the European, Asian and American markets.

Finally the performance of Haier international strategy is evaluated and recommendations to enhance the companys international success are discussed. China acceded into the WTO at the end of the s.

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This great success results.

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