Essay about gas prices 2011

I think we all know what they are worth.

Essay about gas prices 2011

Next Article Audience Analysis Those interested in this paper may consist of American lawmakers, policymakers, scientists, environmentalists, and economists. These professionals are likely highly educated and are invested in the future of the United States economy and environment.

These economists and lawmakers are aware that gas prices are too high and many already feel the need to find alternative-fuel sources. Some lawmakers, environmentalists, and economists in this intended audience may be in limbo about deciding whether it is necessary or not to find alternative fuel but remain objective.

A secondary audience would consist of all consumers who are tired of paying high gas prices and likely own a vehicle. Imagine a world deprived of its non-renewable resources. Abandoned oil extraction sites and desolate roads laden with weeds protruding through the cracks, a world where fossil fuels are no longer available.

Imagine what this world with scarce fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas United States Department of Energy, would mean for Americans. Moreover, picture the United States even more dependent on foreign countries to get said fossil fuels, paying whatever price is asked or possibly without the ability to buy oil at all.

Say goodbye to being able to put gasoline in your car and drive to work. It would be favorable for America to find a natural and unlimited alternative to fuel instead of depending on and depleting all of our natural fossil fuels and continuing to pollute the earth. There are natural resources that are limited, natural resources that are unlimited, and natural resources that are renewable.

Essay about gas prices 2011

Limited natural resources are usually non-renewable resources, which means they cannot be created and take lifetimes to regenerate. Unlimited resources are elements that are abundant and are produced or available constantly such as sunlight.

Other natural resources such as trees are renewable resources because more can be planted. America could benefit from utilizing these unlimited resources for alternative fuel sources, such as using energy created by the sun, the wind, and hydrogen to name a few. Sources such as these would result in a low cost to make and use energy as many of these alternative fuel sources are natural and plentiful.

Other sources of alternative energy that could be used are found in renewable natural sources, such as trees, which could be burned and then replaced for energy.

In addition, some dams create hydroelectric power made primarily from biomass energy McLamb. Biomass energy is anything renewable in a short amount of time thus producing energy and requiring less energy to create and harvest Union of Concerned Scientists. Biomass energy sources may include dead trees, the sun, wind, and water.

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These natural elements are examples of potential alternative fuel sources that would not deplete our natural resources and would help our environment by reducing pollution. Natural resources have many benefits for our environment. Trees, for example, absorb carbon dioxide Walsh,a greenhouse gas which, according to The Environmental Literacy Council, can cause ozone destruction and lead to global warming 1.

Planting more trees would not only directly help our environment, but use of trees as fuel could eliminate our need to use fossil fuels. Using non-renewable resources, namely fossil fuels for vehicle oil, lead to the depletion of something we can never get back in our lifetimes.

In addition, to obtain these fossil fuels we have to drill into the earth, damaging habitats, and releasing toxins also known as emissions, or air pollutants consisting of gas and particles that are discharged largely by cars and power plants.

For example, to get the energy from fossil fuels, they must be burned, and in this process damaging emissions are released into the atmosphere. When these emissions, consisting of an overabundance of the pollutants sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon, come together they can form acid rain—another negative consequence on the environment Environmental Literacy Council.

Not only does using oil for fuel create pollution directly from vehicle exhaust, the process to make this oil also creates pollution. All of this man-made pollution has to exist somewhere; and it exists in America.Nov 18,  · Strong action verbs for essays on friendship global terrorism essay short an essay on the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the constitution rodolfo corky gonzales i am joaquin essay the way to success essays essay on the rising gas prices soalan rekod tak lengkap kaedah analysis essay the bluest eye essay thesis proposal science.

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Of the three, only Chernobyl caused major health hazards to the surrounding area, with increased. Critics of the bill argued that it didn’t directly address environmental concerns or lower gas prices, but proponents of the bill stated that it would be a process and would not have instant effects (Lancet, ).

The Economic Impact of High Gas Prices Essay The economic impact of Gas prices in the United States are breaking record highs. Millions of people need fuel drive to work, to school, and to the bank, to accomplish daily commitments. the national average was just above $ in .

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