Conclusion of indian caste system

Origin of Indian caste system A self-declared system to hereditary system Author: I got a few requests to put lights on this long standing social disorder. I am trying to summarize the concept after studying all relevant Hindu texts and documents. Our Veda the Srutithe only Hindu authority, does not mention anything on caste system.

Conclusion of indian caste system

These institutions have been necessary to protect us as a nation, and when this necessity for self-preservation will no more exist, they will die a natural death.

In religion there is no caste. A man from the highest caste and a man from the lowest may become a monk in India and the two castes become equal. The caste system is opposed to the religion of Vedanta. Caste is a social custom, and all our great preachers have tried to break it down. From Buddhism downwards, every sect has preached against caste, and every time it has only riveted the chains.

Beginning from Buddha to Rammohan Ray, everyone made the mistake of holding caste to be a religious institution and tried to pull down religion and caste altogether, and failed. In spite of all the ravings of the priests, caste is simply a crystallized social institution, which after doing its service is now filling the atmosphere of India with its stench, and it can only be removed by giving back to people their lost social individuality.

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Caste is simply the outgrowth of the political institutions of India; it is a hereditary trade guild. Trade competition with Europe has broken caste more than any teaching.

There was a time when I used to think that many of them were useless and worthless, but the older I grow, the more I seem to feel a difference in cursing any one of them, for each one of them is the embodiment of the experience of centuries.

A child of but yesterday, destined to die the day after tomorrow, comes to me and asks me to change all my plans and if I hear the advice of that baby and change all my surroundings according to his ideas I myself should be a fool, and no one else.

Much of the advice that is coming to us from different countries is similar to this. Tell these wiseacres, "I will hear you when you have made a stable society yourselves.

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You cannot hold on to one idea for two days, you quarrel and fail; you are born like moths in the spring and die like them in five minutes. You come up like bubbles and burst like bubbles too. First form a stable society like ours. First make laws and institutions that remains undiminished in their power through scores of centuries.

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Then will be the time to talk on the subject with you, but till then, my friend, you are only a giddy child. Caste is the plan we want to follow. What caste really is, not one in a million understands.

There is no country in the world without caste. Caste is based throughout on that principle. The plan in India is to make everybody Brahmana, the Brahmana being the ideal of humanity.

If you read the history of India you will find that attempts have always been made to raise the lower classes. Many are the classes that have been raised.

Many more will follow till the whole will become Brahmana. That is the plan. Our ideal is the Brahmana of spiritual culture and renunciation. By the Brahmana ideal what do I mean? I mean the ideal Brahmana-ness in which worldliness is altogether absent and true wisdom is abundantly present.

That is the ideal of the Hindu race. Have you not heard how it is declared he, the Brahmana, is not amenable to law, that he has no law, that he is not governed by kings, and that his body cannot be hurt? That is perfectly true. Do not understand it in the light thrown upon it by interested and ignorant fools, but understand it in the light of the true and original Vedantic conception.

If the Brahmana is he who has killed all selfishness and who lives to acquire and propagate wisdom and the power of love - if a country is altogether inhabited by such Brahmanas, by men and women who are spiritual and moral and good, is it strange to think of that country as being above and beyond all law?

What police, what Military are necessary to govern them? Why should any one govern them at all?

Conclusion of indian caste system

Why should they live under a government?Topic: The history of the Indian caste system and its effects on India today c. What is a caste system? a. Caste system during the Buddhist revolution IV. tribe.

Conclusion The Indian caste system has played a significant role in shaping the occupations and roles as well as values of Indian society. violence. and heredity of occupation was.

Conclusion Caste, Class and Power - Oxford Scholarship Home Culture Caste System of India — Anti-caste and untouchability movements Caste System of India — Anti-caste and untouchability movements July 5, Untouchability and Caste system in India India is having a hierarchical caste system based society not only among Hindus but also among other castes also.
Untouchability and Caste system in India The caste system within India is a set of classes that is used to place people into occupational groups. It is a system followed by Hindus.

The system of reservation in India is comprising series of measures, such as reserving access to seats in the various legislatures, to government jobs, and to enrollment in higher educational institutions. Mar 25,  · postindependence Indian identity.

Conclusion of indian caste system

1 The products of the industry and, indeed, the "filmic system" itself project a fantasy of a homogeneous culture that in fact masks the hierarchy of subject positions and belonging divided along the lines of gender, class, ethnicity, and caste. 2 In this essay I .

Conclusion Conclusion There are famous modern Indian writers who have dealt with caste and untouchability in their novels. Moreover Bengali literature has not kept silent about these social evils of the Indian Subcontinent. It would be very interesting to know what Rabindranath Tagore, Nazrul Islam, Shorot Chondro, Michael Modhu Shudon.

India's caste system is among the world's oldest forms of surviving social stratification. The BBC explains its complexities. The system which divides Hindus into rigid hierarchical groups based.

Origin of Indian caste system (A self-declared system to hereditary system) Author: Muktipada Behera. Though the caste system is fading away slowly due to western exposure, industrialization, international competence, still there are doubts in Indian’s mind how it got originated and what is .

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