Business plan superette pdf creator

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Business plan superette pdf creator

Running the business 10 The accounts and correspondence Centres de gestions agrees Accounting principles Correspondence 11 Getting and keeping customers Marketing Websites Prospecting and getting appointments 12 Employing people Recruitment Employment conditions Employment benefits Employment contracts Employing husbands or wives Redundancy and dismissals Appendix 1 The administrative regions of France and their departement divisions Appendix 2 Some false friends Appendix 3 Approximate resale values for businesses Index This page intentionally left blank Prefacebusinesses on average are started every year in France and approximately 50 per cent of them fail or change their proprietor or legal status during the critical first five years.

The failure rate is a high proportion of this percentage. Motivation is certainly not lacking assalaried positions annually in the job market are not filled. Choosing to work for yourself, rather than having to, is the main motivation.

INSEE the national institute for statistics and economic research reveals that almost 60 per cent of unemployed people who start their own business already had this in mind when they were still in salaried employment.

Around a third of new businesses are created by the unemployed. Getting market research, finance, advice, short- and mediumterm business development plans, administrative details and suitable initial legal structure for the business right are essential.

All these elements are or can be different in France. The first part of this book covers these themes. Despite the easier administrative path created by Dutreuil's law instarting a business in France certainly remains more difficult than in the UK.

The capitalist economy is still heavily influenced and regulated by the state. English-speaking entrepreneurs with previous experience of starting and running a business in more liberal markets relatively free from state controls may find the French system frustrating.

Anglophones moving to France to start a business are more adaptable, and more prepared to do something completely different than their French counterparts moving to the UK. Motivations are not the same. France's way of life is the real attraction for Anglophones, not money.

While the UK's attractions for high-flying young French executives are better career and financial prospects. Different professional, commercial and customer attitudes, a different language and a different accounting system unless your business graduates to the stock market where the International Accounting Standards Board system - mainly based on the American and British systems - is de rigueur will need to be understood.

Nationals from all European Union countries and Monaco are automatically entitled, provided they have elected residence in France or qualify for residence in Monaco, to start a business in France.

The French residence card carte de sejour for EU members issued by the service administration Strangers office of the national police confirms this entitlement Routes activites professionnelles en vertu du reglement Equally important, especially for people who have never run their own business before, is organising their personal life for optimum family support, especially in the early start-up period, and protecting their personal estate against liability if the enterprise fails.

Not everyone, even with the best advice money can buy and the best idea on the market, has the all-round qualities required to be a successful businessperson.

This book not only covers how to start a business, but also deals with the all-important prior questions of why, what, where and when. The three chapters in the second part of the book look at day-to-day basics to ensure the business' survival: Reference is made throughout to private and state organisations and associations to contact for low-interest-rate loans, business development awards and advice which is sometimes offered free from working or retired company directors.

Some associations and organisations are national and others only exist in certain regions or departements. As well as immediate reference to relevant websites in the text a selection of appropriate websites is sometimes included at the end of each topic or chapter. Taking the time to read Starting a Business in France will not guarantee success, but it will give step-by-step guidelines and useful tips which will help you avoid making any disastrous decisions and save time and money.

The book is designed so that key information can be quickly and easily referenced. However, exchange rates are constantly moving and as a result can have a big impact on the amount of money you have to start your new life in France.

For example, if you look at the euro during you can see how this movement can affect your capital. Sterling against the euro was as high as 1. To ensure you get the most for you money it's a good idea to use a foreign exchange specialist. As an alternative to your bank, a specialist is able to offer you extremely competitive exchange rates, no commission charges and lower if any transfer fees.

This can mean considerable savings on your transfer when compared to using a bank.

business plan superette pdf creator

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business plan superette pdf creator

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