Bimm songwriting audition

Over the week I played along to 'Please Mr. Postman' and 'Call Me', I wrote out the song structures and worked on the drum patterns which I simplified considerably. I must admit this was fun although after listening to these songs for the 36th time one does tend to go quite mad.

Bimm songwriting audition

Because of the audition requirement, the programme is Restricted-Application and therefore the CAO application deadline is 1st February in the year of entry.

All you need to do is email info bimm. The deadline to apply is 30th June International applicants can make arrangements to submit their audition by video. Please contact us directly at info bimm.

Applicants should apply online at www.

bimm songwriting audition

Once your application has been received we will contact you with details of your interview and portfolio submission. Applicants must present a portfolio of work along with a supporting written account. Providing a portfolio is a well-established practice in many of the creative industries.

It is the means by which your abilities, commitment and ideas can be easily presented for others to evaluate. The portfolio should be an integrated package containing practice-based material, typically recordings and appropriate written work to support and describe the contents.

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Auditions for BA applications will begin in March and continue through to May. Applicants for the CPD Diploma course will be auditioned from March and throughout the summer, but priority will be given to applicants for the full-time course.

Audition requirements will be sent to each applicant in advance, and applicants will be sent their audition date and time at least ten days in advance.

Please note that all correspondence is carried out by email.BIMM was conceived by Bruce Dickinson, Kevin Nixon, Damian Keyes and Sarah Clayman. Four individuals who have jointly sold over six million records worldwide and enjoyed fifty chart hits.

We have the musical ability and music industry experience to share knowledge of how to have a career in music. BIMM London, London, United Kingdom. 14K likes.

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The Official Page of BIMM London. Music Level 3 Course Overview. This level 3 music course is for you if you are a competent singer and/or instrumentalist, with an interest in performing, sessioning, recording and writing popular music. You will have the opportunity to gain the practical skills for a career in the music industry.

The course is aimed at training professional musicians. At BIMM Manchester, we have a strong focus on writing technique, analysis and personal stylistic development.

You’ll be encouraged from day one to explore your creativity as an artist in a range of disciplines, from solo and group performance to commercial songwriting and music production for film, television and online channels. Oct 31,  · then you either present your songs performed and recorded just so they can get a sense of where you're at and your writing skills xD it best to ask them at the interview if they have any tips to give you so that you can use that progress indeprendantly in your own time.

Music Production, Professional Musicianship, and Songwriting. Fractional academic staff have been appointed to deliver the Birmingham programmes and four new posts of College Principal (Birmingham), Head of Education, Head of Student Services and Head of Estates and Facilities were created.

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