Avb exam paper june 2010 final

Paper I is from 9 a. For on-line submission, visit JEE websites. Candidates shall go through the following general information on filling and submitting of off-line application form. Submit only one application form.

Avb exam paper june 2010 final

These proxy solicitation materials will be distributed on or about May 9, to all shareholders entitled to vote at the meeting. A proxy is your legal designation of another person to vote the stock you own and are entitled to vote.

That other person is called a proxy. If you designate someone as your proxy in a written document, that document is also called a proxy or a proxy card. We have designated two of our officers as proxies for the Annual Meeting. These officers are Zeynep Hakimoglu and Narsi Narayanan. The Board of Directors is soliciting your proxy to give all shareholders of record the opportunity to vote on matters that will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

This Proxy Statement provides you with information on these matters to assist you in voting your shares. What is the purpose of the Annual Meeting? The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to: Although the Board of Directors does not anticipate that any other issues will come before the Annual Meeting, your completed and executed proxy gives the official proxies the right to vote your shares that you are entitled to vote in their discretion on any other matter properly brought before the Annual Meeting.

What is the record date for voting at the Annual Avb exam paper june 2010 final As of the Record Date, 9, shares of common stock were issued and outstanding.

No other series of stock is outstanding. Holders of the shares of common stock have no preemptive rights. The transfer agent for the common stock is Broadridge.

What is the quorum requirement for the Annual Meeting?

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A quorum must be present at the meeting in order for the shareholders to take official action. Under Utah law and our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, a quorum will exist if a majority of the total number of shares entitled to vote are present, 1 in person or by proxy. What is a broker non-vote and how is it counted?

In such cases, the uninstructed shares for which the broker is unable to vote are called broker non-votes. The broker can register your shares as present at the Annual Meeting for purposes of attendance and obtaining a quorum, but will not be able to vote on those matters for which specific authorization is required.

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Similar to abstentions, broker non-votes are not considered a vote cast. Broker non-votes will have no effect on the voting of Proposals One through five that are on the agenda to be presented at the meeting.

What routine matters will be voted on at the Annual Meeting? The ratification of the independent public accountants is the only routine matter on which brokers may vote in their discretion on behalf of customers who have not provided voting instructions.

What non-routine matters will be voted on at the Annual Meeting? The election of directors and the advisory vote on the compensation of our named executive officers are non-routine matters on which brokers are not allowed to vote unless they have received voting instructions from their customers.

Your broker will not be allowed to vote your shares on any non-routine matters without your specific instructions. Accordingly, it is particularly important that beneficial owners instruct their brokers how they wish to vote their shares.

Avb exam paper june 2010 final

How many votes are needed to approve each Proposal? On all matters, except as otherwise provided by Utah law, each holder of common stock will be entitled to one vote for each share of common stock held on the Record Date. Assuming that a quorum is present, the votes needed to approve each Proposal are set forth below.

Proposal One In the election of directors, shareholders will not be allowed to cumulate their votes. The election of directors will be determined by plurality vote.

Proposals Two and Three The Proposal to ratify the appointment of Tanner LLC as our independent public accountants for the year ending December 31,and the Proposal to approve, by non-binding advisory vote, the compensation of our named executive officers require that the votes cast in favor of the Proposal must exceed the votes cast against the Proposal.

Abstentions and broker non-votes will not affect the outcome of the election of directors, the Proposal to ratify the appointment of Tanner LLC as our independent public accountants for the year ending December 31,or the advisory vote on the compensation of our named officers, Other Matters Any other matter properly presented for approval by the shareholders at the Annual Meeting will generally be approved if the number of votes cast in favor of such matter exceeds the number of votes cast in opposition.

With respect to any such matter, abstentions and broker non-votes are not likely to affect the outcome of a vote on such matter.

We are not currently aware of any other matters to be presented at the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors recommends that shareholders cast their votes on the Proposals as follows: Because your votes with respect to approval of our named executive officer compensation is advisory, it will not be binding upon the Board.Nov 28,  · "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.".

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