Al qaeda terrorism

January 20, Introduction One of the main objectives of war propaganda is to "fabricate an enemy". The "outside enemy" personified by Osama bin Laden is "threatening America". Pre-emptive war directed against "Islamic terrorists" is required to defend the Homeland.

Al qaeda terrorism

Shortly after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan inbin Laden, who viewed the invasion as an act of aggression against Islam, began traveling to meet Afghan resistance leaders and raise funds for the resistance.

By his activities were centred mainly in Afghanistan… Al-Qaeda began as a logistical network to support Muslims fighting against the Soviet Union during the Afghan War ; members were recruited throughout the Islamic world.

When the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan inthe organization dispersed but continued to oppose what its leaders considered corrupt Islamic regimes and foreign i.

Based in Sudan for a period in the early s, the group eventually reestablished its headquarters in Afghanistan c. The organization established camps for Muslim militants from throughout the world, training tens of thousands in paramilitary skills, and its agents engaged in numerous terrorist attacks, including the destruction of the U.

Al qaeda terrorism

In19 militants associated with al-Qaeda staged the September 11 attacks against the United States. Within weeks the U.

Al qaeda terrorism

Thousands of militants were killed or captured, among them several key members including the militant who allegedly planned and organized the September 11 attacksand the remainder and their leaders were driven into hiding.

Department of Defense Smoke and flames erupting from the twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, ; both towers subsequently collapsed.

Such grassroots independent groups—coalesced locally around a common agenda but subscribing to the al-Qaeda name and its broader ideology—thus meant a diffuse form of militancy, and one far more difficult to confront.

With this organizational shift, al-Qaeda was linked—whether directly or indirectly—to more attacks in the six years following September 11 than it had been in the six years prior, including attacks in Jordan, Kenya, Saudi ArabiaIndonesia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Israel, Algeria, and elsewhere.

At the same time, al-Qaeda increasingly utilized the Internet as an expansive venue for communication and recruitment and as a mouthpiece for video messages, broadcasts, and propaganda. Meanwhile, some observers expressed concern that U.

On May 2,bin Laden was killed by U. The operation was carried out by a small team that reached the compound in Abbottabad by helicopter. Barack Obamawho hailed the operation as a major success in the fight against did not have any relationship with Saddam Hussein or his regime.

We had to draw up a plan to enter Iraq through the north that was not under the control of his regime. ABDALLAH AZZAM BRIGADES. aka Abdullah Azzam Brigades; Ziyad al-Jarrah Battalions of the Abdallah Azzam Brigades; Yusuf al-’Uyayri Battalions of the Abdallah Azzam Brigades.

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Description: Designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization on May 30, , the Abdallah Azzam Brigades (AAB) formally announced its establishment in a . Confronting Al Qaeda: New Strategies to Combat Terrorism [Kevin M.

McGrath] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Al Qaeda killed over 3, US citizens on September 11, , and terrorism leapt to the fore of US strategic and political priorities.

Oct 16,  · Al-Qaeda: Al-Qaeda, broad-based militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in the late s. It began as a logistical network to support Muslims fighting against the Soviet Union during the Afghan War and transformed into the active terrorist organization known for carrying out the September 11 attacks of Jul 05,  · An Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group has decided to follow in the footsteps of cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Boston and countries like Australia and the. For the past four years, al-Qaeda and its affiliates have been quietly rebuilding in North Africa and elsewhere, preparing to fill any vacuum left by a weakened ISIS, terrorism experts say.

Yet. In my last post, I argued that evaluating progress in our war with al Qaeda is possible, but that we must first answer a series.

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Participant in the Global War on Terrorism, War in Afghanistan, War in North-West Pakistan, Somali Civil War, Insurgency in the Maghreb, Iraq War, Iraqi insurgency, al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen, Syrian Civil War, Arab Spring, and other conflicts: Flag used by various al-Qaeda factions: Active: –present: Ideology: Wahhabism Salafist .

Earlier today, Al-Qaeda operative Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun, aka Spin Ghul, 47, was sentenced to life in prison following his March 16, trial conviction of multiple terrorism offenses, including conspiracy to murder American military personnel in Afghanistan, conspiracy to bomb the U.S.

Embassy in Nigeria, and providing material support to al-Qaeda.

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