A discussion on animal rights

Basil Blackwell,pp. That movement, as I conceive it, is committed to a number of goals, including:

A discussion on animal rights

Animal rights[ edit ] What rights should animals have? Should warm and attractive animals like puppies and kittens have more rights than ugly animals like rats and cockroaches? In Spain apes have been given special rights, in part, because they are genetically close to humans.

A discussion on animal rights

Should apes and monkeys have more rights than other animals? What - if anything - makes humans "special"? Do you think animals dream? Do animals have emotions? If you have a pet, have you ever noticed it express what you consider to be an emotion? Do you think animals "think"?

A discussion on animal rights

Do you think it is wrong to eat animals? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being a vegetarian? What do you think about people who wear fur coats? In some countries some people react very negatively to furs.

Some famous models sometimes protest to the wearing of furs by taking off their clothes. What do you feel about this as a method of protest?

Animal testing[ edit ] What do you understand by the statement, "The end justifies the means. Do you agree with it?

Do you think that it's morally acceptable for scientists to use live animals in research for medicines that could be used to cure humans? What do you feel about pain being inflicted on animals as a consequence of such testing?

Do you think that it's morally acceptable for scientists to use live animals in research for cosmetics? If not, how should we test cosmetics? Cats and dogs[ edit ] Cats and dogs are our most common companion animals - at least in the west.

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How do you feel about the following activities? Keeping large dogs in flats. Keeping dogs tied to a post all day. Trimming or cutting whiskers of cats Neutering dogs.This page is a timeline of major events in the history of animal welfare and animal rights.

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Pet Discussion Forum - Main Board Discuss Cats, Dogs, and other pets on all subjects. General topics. Also pet health, nutrition, pet care, training, and more. Animal Rights vs Human Rights Essay - Throughout the history of the world, there have been subjects of heated debates; there are a few facts that are undisputed.

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One of the undisputed facts is that animals existed and inhabited the planet before humans did and humans have been dependent on animals for thousands of years.

Animal rights is the idea in which some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings..

Its advocates oppose the assignment of moral value and fundamental . Feb 01,  · 10 Debated Acts of Animal Cruelty^10 Debated Acts of Animal Cruelty^Animal rights are widely known and accepted in western culture but despite this there are topics and events which happen every year that often cause much debate and controversy on .

Detailed Discussion of Animal Hoarding | Animal Legal & Historical Center Victoria Hayes Place of Publication: This article provides a basic overview of animal hoarding, its psychological underpinnings, and existing laws that are used to combat animal hoarding.
Submitting a Creative Work The Hunt Saboteurs Association is founded in England to sabotage hunts and oppose bloodsports. This legislation sets minimum standards for handling, sale, and transport of dogs, cats, nonhuman primates, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs, and instates conservative regulations on animal experimentation.
Debate: Animal rights - Debatepedia A discussion on animal rights A Discussion on Animal Rights "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; The Declaration of Independence holds these rights to be self evident and unalienable.
Cookies on the BBC website They are simultaneously so much easier to love than other human beings, and so much easier to discard.
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